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Real Estate Expertise (pdf, 351 kb)

Property and Market Rating (pdf, 469 kb)

Example Property and Market Rating (german)(pdf, 24 kb)



Valuations are a Markt Simulation (in: Immobilien Magazin/Real Vienna 2009) (pdf, 89 kb)


Real Estate Market Austria

Real Estate Market Austria 2016 (english) (pdf, 2,8 mb)

Real Estate Market Austria 2015 (english) (pdf, 5,7 mb)

Real Estate Market Austria 2013 (pdf, 2,4 mb)

Real Estate Market Vienna 2011 (pdf, 2,1 mb)


Real Estate Market International

Slovakia, Czech Republic 2017 (english) (pdf, 5,2 mb)

Bulgaria & Romania 2016 (english) (pdf, 6,2 mb)

Hungary 2015 (english) (pdf, 2,5 mb)

Bulgaria & Romania 2014 (english) (pdf, 4,4 mb)

Poland 2012 (pdf, 2,0 mb)

Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic 2010 (pdf, 1,3 mb)

Bulgaria & Romania 2010 (pdf, 1,6 mb)

Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia 2011 (pdf, 2,9 mb)

Turkey 2011 (pdf, 1,5 mb)

Link to the maps of the Trans Traffic European Networks

"Comparison of the Slovakian Real Estate Market
with other competing CEE markets" (ERES Conference 2010 - Bratislava)
(pdf, 924 kb)

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