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The Organisation - IRG

Immobilien Rating GmbH was founded in June 2001 and is the property valuation arm of the Bank Austria UniCredit Group.

Our valuations are prepared on a strictly independent basis from the main banking group;
thus at arm's length from any sale or letting transaction.
The team of experts at IRG operates in accordance with the code of practice laid down by TEGoVA, and annually carries out more than 2,200 property valuations to a total Market Value in excess
of € 10 billion and as an significant market player can proffer its comprehensive knowledge to you also.

2005 saw the inception and opening of valuation desks in virtually all states throughout CEE and SEE. Complementing the expertise of the existing staff in Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Innsbruck and Graz, the local professionals can, with all good endeavour, bring their experience,
specialised knowledge and invaluable local insight as capable partners to bear within the team.

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